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♥ the girl
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( リリ ); ♀, hispanic-american, straight, asianophile, graphic artist, artist, writer, singer, fan, idiot, and friend.

baka_tenshi: lately i've been the first commenter on my friends' entries
jongwan: so what do they say? puck you?

[] [ you are my saviour; i'll reach my hand out to you ]
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♫ music fandoms: news; koda kumi; namie amuro; morning musume.; utada hikaru; kat-tun; ukiss; super junior; dong bang shin ki(&jyj); minwoo; big bang; shinee; fly to the sky, girls generation, etcetc » more?
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$$$, ai otsuka, anime, art, asianophile alert!, astrology, attending anime conventions, aya matsuura, bi is bi, bi sexed up hyori, big bang, big fat sensitive meanies, big pimpin, bikini-clad, bixhyori, breakdancing violinists, c-pop, celebrities, chatting with friends, chocolate, cosplaying, crack, cute guys, cute things, d.gray-man, death note, densha otoko, digimon, disney, dogs (manga), dollfies, dong bang shin ki, donghae's planet, drawing, elegant gothic lolita, ella ella ella ella, epik high are angels, fanart, fanfiction, gam, gokusen, golf&mike, gothic lolita, gtfo lee teuk, gtfo pi, hana yori dango, harry potter, have a mcnugger, have a mcnugger yo, heechul's beard, hello!project, henry lau, henry or die, henry's nervous, henry's nervous juicy penis, hot asians, hot azn porn, icons, idc, idek, in the butt, it was huge, ivy, j-pop, jaejoong is a pedophille, japanese dramas, japanese pop, jin loves big macs, jin's sunglasses, johnny is a pedophile, johnny is old, johnny's entertainment, jung jung jung, junno punching jin, k-pop, kat-tun, kingdom hearts, koda kumi, korean dramas, korean pop, lawl and disorder, lena park, lexy, lol what, lovely complex, manga, morning musume, mp3s, music, nami tamaki, namie amuro, nana kitade, no u, not lee teuk, not pi, one piece, painting pks fence, pokemon, r-eal, s.e.s., s.h.e., se7en, singing, sket dance, sm entertainment, smash, stfu, stfu pk, super junior, super junior kry+t+m+happy = 1, super junior kry+t+m+happy= 1, super junior's porn collection, tcgs, texting, the little mermaid, tommyfebruary6, tsunku is a pedophile, tsunku is old, ueda's peen, utada hikaru, watch out, what what, why why love, writing, wtf, yahtzee is my hero, yaoi, yg entertainment, yoon, young hot male asians, yuna ito


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